"Don’t underestimate KPOP fans, their hearts are purer than anyone else.
They love courageously. They try their best to tackle difficult obstacles, language and culture barrier.
KPOP FANS symbolizes PEACE. They don’t discriminate based in race.
They befriend people with the same interest from different countries.
They are more passionate and warm than anyone else."
A Psychologist, 2012.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Take a Look: 2PM Midaretemina (ミダレテミナ) Ver. B Album!

Last month, JunkayStreet (International forum for 2PM's JUN. K) held a giveaway with 10 copies of Version B of 2PM's 8th Japanese single, 'Midaretemina' as the prizes for 10 lucky individual! Unexpectedly,  i was one of the lucky winners! Yay! <3 

I've been a member of JKS forum since 2012 and i always joined their giveaway. Since i rarely won a giveaway (almost never, lol), i didn't expect anything. But yay, so happy when they told me that i was one of the lucky winner. ^_^*

The package finally came in my mail today. It was directly sent from Japan ^_^ Let's take a look!

// Left: Front Cover and Right: Back Cover //

// What's Inside //
【First Press Limited Edition B】
■ CD+DVD (Making movie)
■ 12P Lyrics Booklet

The album comes with a CD and DVD,  12 pages of Lyrics Booklet, and 1 trading card out of 7 possible cards. I got 2PM group photos hehe! <3 

1. ミダレテミナ
2. Fight
3. ミダレテミナ (Instrumental)
4. Fight (Instrumental)

01.ミダレテミナ (making movie) 
 // Album's Booklet //

Overall i super love this album! The booklet is very nice. Can't stop staring at oppars photo hehehe. The concept is also a bit different with other versions (Ver. A and Normal edition) and Korean version. Thankyou, JunkayStreet! Can't wait to join another giveaway hehehe ^3^ Now i'm off to watch the DVD hihihi 뿅!~♥♥


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