"Don’t underestimate KPOP fans, their hearts are purer than anyone else.
They love courageously. They try their best to tackle difficult obstacles, language and culture barrier.
KPOP FANS symbolizes PEACE. They don’t discriminate based in race.
They befriend people with the same interest from different countries.
They are more passionate and warm than anyone else."
A Psychologist, 2012.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Korea Trip 2014: Myeongdong (명동) Shopping Haul!

Hi, Guys! It's been a long time T___T Been really busy with life, but; I finally got my Bachelor of Design last September! Yay! After 4 years of study with all the hardships, my college life comes to an end! Cannot be happier lolol. 

And to celebrate our graduation, me and my friend went to Seoul, South Korea last October from 18th until 25th! Yes, only two of us! HEHEHE. It was my first time went abroad without my family. And it feels amazing. Will blog the details about our trip very soon; but now let me share about my shopping haul in one of my favorite place in Korea, Myeongdong! 자, 이제 시작하자!! ^_^*

Myeongdong Station Underground Shopping Center 
Myeongdong Underground Shopping Center connects Myeong-dong with City Hall through an underground passage. The stores at the underground shopping center offer goods and services that can be found along the streets of Myeong-dong, but as a slightly cheaper price. From nail shops to cosmetic stores, just about anything you can find on the streets above can be found here. ()
// Our Etude Style Me Body Graffiti World Cup Look lol XD //

MRT Station Shopping is one of my favorite activities while in Korea hehehe <3 We spent our last 2 days in Korea mostly in Myeongdong because our hotel (Hotel SkyPark III Myeong-dong) is really close with the shopping area. Less than 5 minutes walk! Also only need a few steps to go to the Myeongdong Subway Station Exit 9! Really a good area! ;)

On our third day, it was my 22nd Birthday. My friend (and my only travel partner^^) got me a limited edition of Go Crazy (Grand Edition) Album for my birthday present! There are only 20.000 copies of Grand Edition available and i got one of them! :D Guess that day was my lucky day, huh? <3 There's only 1pc left on the store and it comes with super huge (50x75cm) poster of 2PM! Yay, a happy fangirl here, thank you, chingu-ya. ^__^

Here is some details of my 
2PM Vol. 4 - Go Crazy (Grand Edition) (Limited Edition) album!~♥

// This album comes with 2 CDs, 100 pages Booklet, 84 pages Making Book, 7pcs Photo Postcard
(6 Members Individual Photo +1 Group Photo) //

// Super love the jacket photo concept of this edition! <3 
At the back of each photo postcard there's 2PM members printed sign and messages. 
Work Hard Play Hard!- Jun. K //

// Andddd guess what, the group photo postcard is actually a mini standee. Surprise! //
// Go Crazy Poster beautifully hanging in my room! <3 //
Not only the Go Crazy Grand Edition Album, my super bff also bought me two clear files (still at the same store)! There are lotsssss of K-Pop Idol clear file sold there, but of course i choose 2PM and their hoobae, GOT7! Yay! I forgot how much this file cost but i think it's about 1,000won each hehe Not too expensive in my opinion since the quality is pretty good. <3

Besides clear file, there's also keychain, photo card, sticker, mini standee, poster, and many other merchandise being sold. Actually i got myself a 2015 2PM Photo Desk Calendar below at Insa-dong for 10,000won but you can also find this calendar in Myeongdong with a cheaper price (7,000won) T_T
Since it's a 'Photo Desk' Calendar, the main point of this calendar is the photo so yeah, lol. The calendar itself didn't have days written on it, only a line of date. OTL It won't be easy to figure out what day is today when i use this calendar but since oppa is there, it's okay. hehehe <3

This shop is definitely a heaven for K-Pop fangirls. ♥_♥ There are sooo many album and even fansite photobook there; something that you barely see outside Korea lol T_T The price is also slightly cheaper than Myeongdong street!

Myeongdong Street
As you guys all know, Myeongdong is a shopping heaven in Korea! There are tons of cosmetic store such as Etude House, Innisfree, Nature Republic (who plays EXO songs all day long lol), The Face Shop, Holika Holika, etc etc there. Besides that there's also clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, souvenir and many other shops.

I was always a big fan of Korean cosmetics brands, and my favorite is Etude House and Innisfree; so of course one of my to-do list while in Myeongdong is to shop my daily make-up and skin care! <3

Here's some of my make-up haul! It usually cost me about IDR 400K+ for Etude House BB Cream Bright Fit and IDR 120K+ for Etude House Oh M'Eye Line here in Surabaya, but in Korea the BB cream is only 15,000won and eye liner is only 4,000won each!

And my favorite of all is this beauty! I actually not familiar with this brand, but their hand cream smells reallllyyyyy good <3 Bought these for 1,000won each! Enesti Shea Butter Hand Cream comes with 4 varians: Rose Bouquet, Lemon & Verbena, Baby Powder, Apple & Honey; but my favorite is these two, the baby powder and rose bouquet! Trust me, they smells really good <3

Last day before going home, got myself an OkCat Doll with Suction Cup (details✮) at a souvenir shop for 9,900won. It's slightly more expensive than the official price on the website (7,000won), but i guess it's a good buy since i couldn't find any other store that sell OkCat doll in Myeongdong hihi ^_^ You can also shop official OkCat stuff online at www.okcatmall.com!
// 2AM-2PM Section in Music Korea //

Another heaven for K-Pop fangirl is Music Korea CD/DVD that located above Nature Republic (3rd floor). Spotted this 2AM-2PM section in this store and i literally Go Crazy! hehehe <3 2PM's debut album, Concert DVD, Solo members album (Junho's Feel, JWY's Sexy Lady, and Jun. K's LOVExHATE^_^*), Limited edition album is all available here!

There's also Super Junior, BigBang, SNSD, TVXQ&JYJ, and other K-Pop artist section there with complete album since their debut until their latest album ^_^ Drama Soundtrack (OST) Album is also available there. If you want to find specific album,  i recommend you to ask the staff to save time! :D

My friend bought Song Ji Eun '25' and Girls' Day 'I Miss You' album for her friend and got a free Gaon Chart K-Pop Award Photobook. We ended up leave the book on our hotel because it was too heavy to take home; especially considering our luggage that was about to explode..... lol.

In Myeongdong there are a lot of shop that sell cute and high quality socks for 1,000won each. Bought my nephew and niece 5 pair of socks each and 2 for myself lol. The design is just too nice that i want to buy the whole socks shop lolol.

In conclusion, Myeong-dong is definitely a MUST VISIT place in Korea, period. ♥♥♥ 뿅!~


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