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They love courageously. They try their best to tackle difficult obstacles, language and culture barrier.
KPOP FANS symbolizes PEACE. They don’t discriminate based in race.
They befriend people with the same interest from different countries.
They are more passionate and warm than anyone else."
A Psychologist, 2012.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2PM to release the 2nd Japanese ALBUM「LEGEND OF 2PM」on February 2013♥

// Legend of 2PM. 130213. //

Finally 2PM will release their 2nd Japanese Album,
 Legend Of 2PM. The album will be released on February 13rd 2013
Also, the boys will held an Arena Tour Concert in 
TOKYO DOME on April 20 and 21st 2013 >< 

Check out the information below^^ : 

Type A : 

[PRICE] ¥4,980 [ about USD 57,43 ] 

☞ CD+DVD (Prologue of LEGEND OF 2PM,
LEGEND OF 2PM making movie, 
Members’Solo Off Shot Movie + PHOTO BOOK (104P) 

Song list of 2PM 
2nd Japanese ALBUM 「LEGEND OF 2PM」
(※=Japanese Original New Song) 

01. The LEGEND (※)
02. Masquerade (Album ver.)   
03. Beautiful     
04. So Bad (※)
05. ONLY ONE (※)
06. Missing You (※)
07. Want you back (※)
08. This Is Love (※ Composed by Junho)
09. Kimi ga ireba 
10. I’ll Be OK (※)
11. SOS Man (※)
12. Breakthrough (※)
13. Forever 

Type B: 

[PRICE] ¥4,200 [ about USD 48,44] 

☞ CD+Special CD+Members' Solo Off Shot PHOTO BOOK(64P) 

Special CD song list :

1. Sexy Lady (Wooyoung) 

2. SAY YES (Junho) 

3. Kimi Dakeni (Taecyeon) 

4. Oh (Chansung) 

5. TRUE SWAG (Jun. K) 

6.Let It Rain (Nichkhun) 

Normal Version : 

[PRICE] ¥3,059 [ about USD 35,28 ] 

1 CD + Bonus Track (Hanareteitemo Live Version) 


Info credit to Jujang @2pmalways 
Visit 2pmjapan.com for the further information!^^ 


What do you think about this album hottests? ^^

Ah i totally excited for this album. \ ^___^ /
There’re so many new songs and also some solo song. 
Can’t wait to hear it. <3 I also love the concept <3
 I believe this album will be a good beginning for 2PM in 2013. 

And alsooo~~~~
 i am so excited for their concert at Tokyo Dome! 
Omg it’s Tokyo Domeeeee^^
 FYI, it’s not easy for any singer to hold a concert there. 
2PM once said that their dream is to hold a 2PM concert at the Tokyo Dome, 
and now it will comes true >< I’m so happy for them. 

Tokyo Dome is one of the largest and prestigious venue at Tokyo, Japan.
As far as i know, the KPOP group who already held a solo concert
 there are TVXQ, Super Junior, Bigbang, and KARA. 
Ah~ Super excited. Japanese Hottests are so lucky >< 
hehe whatever it is, i hope everything will going well this year!

 Please give lots of support to 2PM everyone^~^

ivonnavivienne @ thehottestkpop

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