"Don’t underestimate KPOP fans, their hearts are purer than anyone else.
They love courageously. They try their best to tackle difficult obstacles, language and culture barrier.
KPOP FANS symbolizes PEACE. They don’t discriminate based in race.
They befriend people with the same interest from different countries.
They are more passionate and warm than anyone else."
A Psychologist, 2012.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012 from thehottestkpop~ ❤

Hello everyone!~ ^^
It's December, and it means it's already times to Christmas! <33

♪♫" Jingle bells~ Jingle bells~ Jingle all the wayyyyy~~~" ♪♫
to all my readers in the world!~
Have a blessful chirstmas and 
hope you guys have a really great time with the one you love on this christmas! :)

Ah~ it's already our 2nd christmas since i first made this blog. HEHE.
Time flies, huh? I still can clearly remember how i spent last year's christmas, 
when i wrote a post for 2011's Christmas, and when
i choose a christmas song for my blog's reader. <33


Last year's christmas song is JYP Nation's 'This Christmas',
and i think this year's christmas song is also that song. lmao.
i'm sorry i really don't know any good korean christmas song. hehe^^

But whatever the song is,
the most important thing is that we can spent a warm christmas 
with our family and the one we love. :)
Christmas is not only about the christmas gift, 
christmas tree, christmas carol, etc., but  
we should thank our God for his unconditional bless to us in the first place :)

" I just wish This year
It’ll be different.

No more lonely Christmas

I wanna fall in love this Christmas
.. "

And of courseeee~
a warm and joyful greeting for 2PM for Hottests^^
Have a merry merry merry christmas everyoneee <3

Hope you guys have a wonderful christmas!
See you on next year's christmas!!!!

 / how cute is this gif T____T lmao peniel never fail to make me laugh because of his dorkiness <333
 btw this gif credit to fuckyeahpenielshin on tumblr^^ one of my favorite tumblr blog of peniel! follow them!^^ /