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They love courageously. They try their best to tackle difficult obstacles, language and culture barrier.
KPOP FANS symbolizes PEACE. They don’t discriminate based in race.
They befriend people with the same interest from different countries.
They are more passionate and warm than anyone else."
A Psychologist, 2012.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2PM's WOOYOUNG Release The First Teaser for his Upcoming Solo!♥


Finally JYPE release the first teaser of our Wooyoungie 
upcoming solo mini-album on June 27th! <3
The teaser can be seen on Wooyoung's website,
  jangwooyoung.jype.com :)

The next teaser will be released on
06.27 , 06.29 , 07.02 , 07.03 , 07.05 , 07.06 , 07.08 !

(Stay tune for the nest update! ^^*)

Check out the complete information below! :)

Jang Woo Young is coming!

2PM’s member Jang Woo Young has thrown
 the coming out notice for his solo album by opening the teaser clip on 27th.
The teaser clip released today starts with one man’s appearance, 
of who is coming out to the front of the stage.
Among six men who are dressed with sophisticated and
 minimal black clothing, the man walking on the center of the stage
 with the lights is the one and only Jang Woo Young!
Jang Woo Young, who is seemingly doing a light warming-up, 
captures our attention with his drastic white-hair transformation.
Along with the sensible music, the face reflected in the teaser clip gives
 out the feeling of tension stronger than any other moments.
This clip ending in a motion where the rest of 5 members
 are absorbed to Jang Woo Young, who stands so proud under the spotlight,
 gives out the feeling that the rest of the members are cheering 
Jang Woo Young who, as a member of 2PM,
 is going out first with a solo performance. 
Not only that, teaser also lays out an expectation for the stage singer 
‘Jang Woo Young’ will be showing with this bombarding energy.

Teaser clip of Jang Woo Young can be seen at

Also, Jang Woo Young’s mini-album
 is expected to be released on July 8th.

Cr. JYPE Official Facebook
Jang Woo Young (장우영) 23, Male, Single 
Teaser 1

What do you think about the teaser? hehe!
For me,
The teaser is really short but it's very awesome!
And i love that he didn't forget his identity as 2PM's 
member even he's going solo. 
I love the 5 guys behind him and 
i love how the 'M' in 2PM become 'W' in JWY! ♥
Honestly i'm really in love with the concept.
I think it's really suits Wooyoung. <3
And if you watch the teaser again and again,
you can feel the beat. I'm really curious about
the full MV and also the song. But i believe JYPE never dissapointed us! <3

Let's wait for the next teaser, i'll keep you update! hehe