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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2AM and 2PM Releases Album Cover and PV Teaser for 'ONEDAY' Album! ♥

HOTTESTs and IAMs! <3
As you know, 2PM and 2AM as ONEDAY,
will release a documentary movie  titled
‘Beyond The Oneday, Story of 2PM & 2AM‘
which will be released on June 30th 2012.

Along with that, Oneday will also release 
an album with the same title as their group name, 'ONEDAY'
with their collaborative track “One Day” as the theme song.


The new single will be released on July 4th
and now the album cover has been revealed.

Both the regular and limited edition
 of the album will include the bonus track “No Goodbyes” 
which was composed by 2PM member Junsu. 

The regular edition will also include the live version of “Angel”
 which was performed by 2PM+2AM “Oneday” 
at JYP Nation 2011 in Japan last August.

source : allkpop
Let's check out the teaser for the 'ONEDAY' track below! :)
PART 1 :

PART 2 :


ONEDAY’s very first collaborative single 
“One day” will be released on July 4th
 along with a B-side track called
 “No Goodbyes,” composed by Junsu. 

The songs will be featured in their movie 
Beyond the ONEDAY ~Story of 2PM&2AM~, 
which premieres in Japan on June 30th.

ONEDAY’s single track info:
1. One Day
2. No Goodbyes
3. One Day (without main vocal)
3. No Goodbyes (without main vocal)

Limited Edition Type A: 
2 disc (CD+DVD) - 1,800yen
The DVD contains the original ver. and movie ver. 
of the “One day” PV. Also includes a digipak.

Limited Edition Type B-K: 
CD (10 versions) - 1,020yen
Each member has their own version of the CD (solo jacket photo)

Type B - Junsu 
Type C - Nichkhun
Type D - Taecyeon
Type E - Wooyoung
Type F - Junho
Type G - Chansung

Type H - Changmin
Type I - Seulong
Type J - Jo Kwon
Type K - Jinwoon

Regular Edition: 
(CD only) - 1,200yen
Includes a bonus track, a live recorded version of “Angel,”
 which was performed at JYP Nation in Japan (August 2011).

 ** For the complete list and link for purchase it,
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