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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2PM's TAECYEON Injured his arm and sent to the hospital.

Our Giant Cat, Ok Taecyeon is having a hard time now :((
He injured himself ( his left hand and shoulder area )
 in Japan while playing some arm-wrestling with the members.

Check out the news below. :)

2PM's TAECYEON is reported to have injured his humerus 
(the long bone that extends from shoulder to elbow)
 while arm wrestling with his fellow 2PM members. 

JYP Entertainment left a message on their official homepage stating, 
“This May 15th, after finishing a promotional schedule in Japan, 
Taecyeon hurt his left humerus while arm wrestling with the 2PM members. 
Though he went to the hospital right away, because it was late at night, he received diagnosis, inspection, and treatment in the emergency room.
 Today (16th) in the afternoon after his arrival, 
he’s currently in the midst of getting a more detailed inspection at a hospital.” 

The message went on,
 “According to hospital results, it turns out that it
 becomes easier to injure or fracture bones during arm wrestling 
when the arm muscles become large due to exercise and etc., 
A few people come into the hospital for this kind of accident every year. [
Taecyeon] is currently undergoing all the necessary inspections 
so we’ll update you when a more solid diagnosis becomes available.” 

“We regret to inform all those who love 2PM with such disappointing news.
 We’ll do everything we can for Taecyeon’s quick recovery.”
 Taecyeon’s schedule will be determined upon
 the doctor’s diagnosis of his current condition. 

News credit to ALLKPOP! :)
And on May 19th 2012,
JYPE releases a statement regarding Taec's Injury.


Taec had a surgery and he will be in casts for 3-4 weeks.
However, doctors said he can perform simple choreography.
Therefore, Taec will perform at 
Budokan & Yokohama concert (May 24-30).
 According to them,
 Taec himself is strongly insisting that he carries on with the schedule plans.


So, Our Ok Taec is injured his shoulder (again) 
after arm-wrestling with the members.

At first when i heard the news this morning i was really worried.
But then i saw the news about the reason why he injured himself......
I can't help but laughing!

Eihhh. Forever Oktroll. 
He injured his shoulder while playing arm-wrestling with the members?!? 
LOL. It's really okay to have fun and playing games
 but please be more careful next time, oppa~~ <3

So Hottests! 
Let's now sen your prayer and support to our Taec!
Hope he will get well very soon and the upcoming concert will be held successfully!