"Don’t underestimate KPOP fans, their hearts are purer than anyone else.
They love courageously. They try their best to tackle difficult obstacles, language and culture barrier.
KPOP FANS symbolizes PEACE. They don’t discriminate based in race.
They befriend people with the same interest from different countries.
They are more passionate and warm than anyone else."
A Psychologist, 2012.

Thursday, March 22, 2012



Yey! ♥
On March 21st 2012,
MBLAQ released their 4th MINI ALBUM,
 "BLAQ%Ver. "
This album contains 8 songs, and 3 of them
 [ BLAQ%, 100%, and 사랑이 온다 (Beautiful) ]
 are new songs! :)


MBLAQ 4th Mini Album ‘BLAQ%Ver.’
Release Date: 2012.03.21
Genre: Ballad, Pop Dance
Language: Korean

Track List:
01 BLAQ% (Theme) (Feat. 이단옆차기)
02 100%
02 사랑이 온다 (Beautiful)
04 Run
05 전쟁이야 (This Is War)
06 낙서 (Scribble)
07 아찔한 그녀
08 Hello My Ex

But unfortunately,
there will be no official promotions for the new songs.

MBLAQ’s agency J. Tune remarked, 
“The song “100%” is one we prepared for with much confidence, 
however, the boys have been busy promoting up until now without any rest.
 Because we have been heavily focusing on rigorous dance moves for most of the performances, they have consequently suffered a few injuries.
 Therefore, we will not be doing any official activities for the new songs.

A representative remarked, 
“The members will be doing individual promotions with new music, acting, and more. They are also readily preparing for their upcoming Asia Tour.”


So, MBLAQ's members are now preparing for their
individual activities and upcoming ASIA TOUR!
INDONESIA will be one of their destination for the Asia Tour! <3
MBLAQ will come to Indonesia in JUNE 2012.
(For further information,
i'll share all about their concert in Indonesia 
once the promotor announce the official announcement! :) )
A+. be ready! :)
** i want to go to their concert toooooo :( haha <3  **


" M . B . L . A . Q right now 
Eeh ha! Stronger ! "

- MBLAQ - 100% -

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


ELF who has been waiting for a long time,
finally ,
 is already confirmed 
by the promotor :)

On March 20, one of the promotor tweet :
[CONFIRMED] Super Show 4 Live in Jakarta. 
April 28th-29th, 2012 at
 MEIS. Details soon... 
@ShowMaxxEnt @SuperSky4"
( MEIS : Mata Elang International Stadium , Ancol, Jakarta)

Indonesian ELF, CONGRATS! :)
For the details about pricing, ticketing, etc,
please wait! <3
( I'll update this post again while the official announcement released )

Follow @ShowMaxxEnt or 
visit http://showmaxxent.com for information :)
 Untuk para ELF yang sudah antusias,
sabar yah <3
 jangan sampai tertipu oknum-oknum 
yang mengaku menjual tiket SS4INA,
tunggu sampai diumumin secara official ya~~ :) 

2PM's JUNHO and Kim So Eun to become the 2nd couple of MBC's Music and Lyrics !


2PM’s JUNHO and actress Kim So Eun
is choosen as the second couple for MBC’s Music and Lyrics
after actress Park Shin Hye and singer Yoon Gun.

Music and Lyrics
 is a variety show that is similar to MBC’s ‘We Got Married’. 
It shows an actress and a male artist
 forming a relationship while making songs.
Junho and Kim So Eun will try to make an OST for MBC’s rama, 
‘Feast of the Gods’ through this program.

One of the staff members of ‘Music and Lyrics’ stated, 
“The music director of ‘Feast of the Gods’ will personally decide if
 the song made by Junho and Kim So Eun is eligible for use in the drama. 
The song made by the two will be shown 
to the director without any modifications.”

Junho and Kim So Eun’s first episode of MBC Music and Lyrics 
will aired on March 24th 2012 12AM KST .


I’m really looking forward to this show.
Personally i think they do look good together~ hehe <3 
(but it’s just my opinion. Lol), 
but still i feel a bit jealous. Hahaha :P

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


On, March 13rd,
U-Kiss Eli also celebrated his birthday! 
He's actually my favorite member of u-kiss! ;)

***생일 축하한다! ♥ ***
I can't believe we're only 1 year apart. LOL <3
Be happy and healthy always.
Please do not drink that energy drink too much! hahaha :)
God bless!



on March 13rd, 
Infinite's visual, Kim Myungsoo / L celebrated his 21st birthday! 

Happy Birthday to the handsome Myungsoo! ;)
Stay handsome and stay awesome! hihi


♥*** 생일 축하한다! *** ♥

Monday, March 12, 2012




After 1 year and 6 months, 
ballad group, 2AM finally back with their latest MV, 
" I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me"

On March 12nd,
2AM released a MV of their comeback song.

Check out their MV below! :)

What do you think, IAM? hehe~
Personally, i think the MV and song are really great!
1 year and 6 months long is worth it for waiting for this comeback! <3
Their vocal are really awesome!
 And jinwoonie is really good looking! hahaha <3

 너도 나처럼 
 I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me

Romanization Lyrics:

Harujongil ni saenggakman hadaga
Han gadak nunmuli meotdaero jureureuk heureunda

Georeumgeoreum ni moseubi balhyeoseo
Ireul hadagado nado moreuge tto heureunda

(uhuhuhuhu) Noraereul bulleodo
(uhuhuhuhu) Georireul georeodo
(uhuhuhuhu) Ontong ni saenggak ppuninde

Neodo nacheoreom ireohke apeunji
Neodo nacheoreom nunmul naneunji
Neodo harujongil ireohke chueoge saneunji kkok nacheoreom

Eokjirado useul il cham manheunde
Taeyeob inhyeongcheoreom jueojin ilcheoreom utneunda

(uhuhuhuhu) TVreul boado
(uhuhuhuhu) Chingureul mannado
(uhuhuhuhu) Ontong ni saenggak ppuninde

Neodo nacheoreom ireohke apeunji
Neodo nacheoreom nunmul naneunji
Neodo harujongil ireohke chueoge saneunji kkok nacheoreom

Maeileul useunikka
Utneun moseumman boyeojunikka naega haengbokhan julman ana bwa
Eotteohke useo naega eotteohke useo niga eobneunde
Useodo useodo nunmuli tto heulla

Neodo nacheoreom ireohke apeunji
Neodo nacheoreom nunmul naneunji
Neodo harujongil ireohke chueoge saneunji kkok nacheoreom

English Translation:

As I think only of you all day
A single stream of tears flow on its own

Step by step, I see you
So even as I work, tears flow without me knowing

Even when I sing
Even when I walk the streets
I’m filled with thoughts of you

* I wonder if you hurt like me
I wonder if you cry like me
I wonder if you live all day in memories like me

There are many things to laugh about forcibly
Like a wind-up doll, like it’s my job, I laugh

Even when I watch TV
Even when I meet my friends
I’m filled with thoughts of you

* repeat

Because I smile every day
Because I show my smiles,
They think I am happy
But how can I smile, how can I smile without you
I smile and I smile but tears flow again


 " i couldn’t sleep at all.
in a day, i would be okay.
in a month, i would forget everything.
two months, and then a year went by.
but i still can’t seem to forget her.
now, i really wish i can stop.
would she be hurting as much as i am? "
2AM - I Wonder if You Hurt Like Me 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

2PM Successfully Completed " 2PM HANDS UP ASIA TOUR" ♥

After 7 months long, 
2PM finally completed the 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour yesterday! 
Started on September 2011, the concert finally come to an end on March 2012.
2PM already visited some country in Asia like
Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Hongkong with +- 160.000 hottests! woahh! <3

It's a little sad to know that the concert finally come to an end.
 But i hope there will be next concert, maybe a world tour concert? hehe :P

On March 10th, after finished their last concert in Hongkong,
Nichkhun, Junsu, Chansung, and Junho share their mind about the concert. 
They also tweets some photos n their personal twitter account and said they'll come back for the next concert! :)


JUNSU [Jun2daKAY] 

JUNSU [Jun2daKAY] 
CONCERT 그동안 많은 아시아지역을 다녔습니다. 와주신 모든분들께 고맙습니다. THANK YALL. GET READY FOR THE NEXT CONCERTS. 
2PM HANDS UP ASIA TOUR CONCERT - we visited many places in Asia. Thank you everyone for having come to see us. THANK YALL. GET READY FOR THE NEXT CONCERTS.

CHANSUNG [2pmAgreement211]
오늘 7개월간의 핸접아시아투어가 끝났습니다!많은걸 배워가는 시간이었고 이렇게 끝난다니 아쉽기도 하고 성황리에 끝내서 뿌듯한 느낌도 드네요!함께 콘서트 즐겨줬던 팬 여러분 너무나 사랑합니다. 그리고 사진은 생얼..
Today the 7 month-long Asia Tour has been completed! We've learned a lot during this time, and it's a bit disappointing that it's already over, but I'm also happy that it was finished in a successful note! I love you all for having come and enjoyed our concert. And here's a picture with no make-up face...

JUNHO [dlwgnshek]
반년동안의 2PM Hands up ASIA tour 가 끝났습니다. 그동안 많이 사랑해 주셔서 고마워요. 그러나 아쉬워하지 말아요. 조만간 투어 또 할거니깐요 ^^

2PM Hands Up Asia Tour has been completed in half a year. 
Thank you for giving us your love during this time.
 And don't be disappointed. Another tour will be coming right up pretty soon ^^

Yey! <3
Even Junsu said get ready for the next concert. hehe :)
Really can't wait for 2PM's next comeback!
I believe it will be really awesome!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


생일축하요 미르 오빠

Happy 22nd Birthday MIR oppa! :))
 행복하세요 :))
Be Healthy and be happy always!

I Love you! hihi <3