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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2PM Nichkhun to make Acting Debut in Thai Movie !

We will see Nichkhun's acting debut for the first time very soon! :) 
Khunnie is now in Thailand until January 25th for shooting a Thai movie! 


JYP Entertainment revealed,
 “Nichkhun will be participating in Thailand’s major filmmaker GTH’s 7 year anniversary movie project. Starting from the beginning of January, Nichkhun has been in Thailand filming. It will be Nichkhun’s first time acting since his debut and the agency, the Thai staff, and Nichkhun himself are all very excited for this production.”

GTH is well known for their movies such as ‘Phobia2’, ‘Hello Stranger’, and ‘Bangkok Traffic Love Story’. For their 7th anniversary project, three directors will be drawing a story about life and love and will be released in three parts in an omnibus format.

Nichkhun will be in one of the three parts along with a famous Thai movie star. Nichkhun will play a major supporting character who helps the hero search for the meaning of love and life. Even though it is Nichkhun’s fist time acting, his passion and hard work had led to endless praises from his seniors working with him on the set.

Nichkhun revealed his first thoughts on acting. He said, 
“Being an actor was my dream and I am giving my all to this production. Every time I go on set I get ambitious to work harder each day. Filming in front of a camera is a totally different experience from when I’m in front of a camera singing and that is why I am working twice as hard. I will comeback as a great actor.”

Full credit to www.allkpop.com and JYP Entertainment :)

Woah, can't wait for the movie to release right? hihi :)
Please always support Khun for his acting debut Hottests,
because acting is one of Khun's biggest dream! :)

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