"Don’t underestimate KPOP fans, their hearts are purer than anyone else.
They love courageously. They try their best to tackle difficult obstacles, language and culture barrier.
KPOP FANS symbolizes PEACE. They don’t discriminate based in race.
They befriend people with the same interest from different countries.
They are more passionate and warm than anyone else."
A Psychologist, 2012.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012, JYP introducing 1st Project with........ SE7EN !

After a mysterious teaser that Park Jin Young ssi
 showed us on January 25th 2012,
Finally JYP reveals the artist that sings his song.
No other than... 
SE7EN! <3
Today, on January 29th 2012,
Both JYPE and YG reveals a teaser featuring JYP and Se7en!

JYP for SE7EN 
-  내가 노래를 못해도 (When I Can't Sing) - 
2012.02.01 RELEASE !
JYP 1st PROJECT in 2012 is with SE7EN! 
Wow! :))
* I pretty amazed with this collaboration and 
i believe this collaboration will be really awesome! *

This song is composed and written by JY Park and 
Se7en will make his comeback on February 1st 2012 with this title song, 
"When I Can't Sing".

It's really a surprise for us right? 
Many people thought that JYP 1st Project in 2012 will be
with JYPE artists like 2PM, Wonder Girls, etc. :))

But, Wow, JYPE and YG are doing a Collaboration! 
Actually i'm really happy when found out that
Se7en is the artist who will sings JYP's song, because I Loveeeee Se7en! LOL <3
Really can't wait to hear the full version of this song! <3

Please always support and give much love
for both JYP and SE7EN, everyone! :))

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

2PM Taecyeon to become the MC for The Opening of Lotte Duty Free in Jakarta-Indonesia.

Once again, 2PM TAECYEON will coming to INDONESIA! :))


This time, Taec will not held a concert with the other members of 2PM,
but Taec will be the MC for Opening of 
the 1st LOTTE DUTY FREE Shop in Jakarta-Indonesia on January 31th 2012! :)

LOTTE DUTY FREE will opening its FIRST shop in Jakarta-Indonesia.
Taec will arrive in Indonesia on January 30th 2012.
And on January 31th, 
Taec will become the MC for the opening 
of the shop in Soekarno-Hatta Airport. :))

Actress CHOI JI WOO will also coming to Indonesia 
as the commercial model for Lotte Duty Free.
CEO Lotte Duty Free Choi Young-Soo and South Korea Ambassador for Indonesia
 HE Kim Youn Sun will also attend the event. 

This event is NOT FOR PUBLIC!
Only INVITATION and MEDIA can attend this event.

So, Hottests.
I know you are all really excited to meet Taec. But,
Please always make our lovely boy feel comfortable when they're in Indonesia. 
Don't be too excited and distrubing the event :)
Good luck for all of you! <3

2PM Nichkhun and Junho appear in Indonesian Book !

Picture by @Kai2dayeo :))

hahaha~ that's my only reaction when 
i found out that Khun and Junho are appear in Indonesian book. LOL.

This book is actually a BIOLOGY book for 10th grade (Senior High School)
 students in Indonesia.

Pretty amazed right? LOL.

B2ST - I Knew It Lyrics + English Translation !

 B2ST - I Knew It
이럴 줄 알았어 이럴 줄 알았어
Irol jul arasso irol jul arasso
I knew it, I knew it

Whoa, huh
Yeah~ oh
Oh~ yeah

요즘 달라진 것만 같아
Yojum dallajin gotman gatta
Recently, I feel like you’ve changed

안 하던 화장도 진하게
An hadon hwajangdo jinhage
You never used to wear makeup, and now you’re wearing it so thick

안 가던 클럽도 가네 huh
An gadeon kkuropdo ga-ne huh
You never used to go to clubs, and now you’re going huh

왜 자꾸 신경이 쓰이는지 웃어 넘기려고 했는데
Wae jakku shingyoni sseu-inunji uso nom giryogo haetnunde
Why do I continue to be so sensitive about this when I’m trying to get past it by laughing

웃음이 나오질 않네
Usumi na-ojil an-ne
This laughter is sticking in my throat


(Onje butteo yotnunji)
(Since when was it)

니가 날 갖고 놀았던 게
Niga nal gajgo nulattdon ge
That you started playing with me?

정말 진심이었는지
Jongmal jinshimi-otnunji

Were you ever really sincere?

(어떻게 니가 이럴 수 있어)
(Ottoke niga irol su isso)
(How could you do this)

어쩐지 요즘 들어서 많이 달라졌다 했어
Ojjonji yojum duroso manhi dallajyotda haesso
Somehow you’ve been changing so much recently

그런 줄도 모르고-oh 너만 사랑했어
Guron juldo morugo-oh noman saranghaesso
I have no idea what to think about this-oh, I only loved you

내가 이럴 줄 알았어-어
Naega irol jul arasso-o
I knew it

니가 그 남잘 만나러 간다고 했을 때
Niga geu namjal mannaro gandago haessul ddae
You went to go meet that guy that one time

왜 널 그때 붙잡지 못했을까
Wae nol gudae butjapji mothaessulkka
Why couldn’t I get a hold of you then?

이럴 줄 알았어-어
Irol jul arasso-o
I knew it

모르는 전화번호가 뜰 때부터
Morunun jonhwa bonhoga ddul ddae butteo
From the time that number i didn’t know showed up on your phone

그때부터 이럴 줄 알았어
Gudae butteo irol jul arasso
Since then, I knew it

자기야, 의심하는 게 아냐 내 맘 알지
Jagiya, uishim hanunge anya nae mam alji
Honey, I’m not doubting you; you know how I feel right?

널 너무 사랑해서 그래 그러니까 잠시만
Nol nomu saranghaeso gurae guronikka jamshiman
I love you so much so… just for a few minutes…

핸드폰 좀 줘 봐 확인할 게 있어서 그래
Haendeuppon jom jwo bwa haginhalge issoso gurae
Will you let me see your cell phone? There’s something I need to verify

비밀번호는 또 언제 바꿔놨니
Bimil bonhonun tto onje bakkwo nwatni
When did you change your password again?

통화 목록이 왜 이리 깨끗한 걸까
Ttonghwa mokroki wae iri kkaekkuthan galkka
Why is your recent calls list so cleaned up?

멍청하게 전부 다 지워버렸구나
Mongchonghage jonbu da jiwoboryotguna
You’re such an idiot for erasing everything

Ha… 귀엽네 우리 아가
Ha… gwiyopne uri aga
Ha… aren’t you just the cutest

너 많이 이상해 솔직히 말해
No manhi isanghae soljikhi marhae
You’re being really weird, tell me the truth!

나 좀 화나려고 해
Na jom hwanaryogo wae
I’m starting to get really mad, why!

(넌 왜 날 떠나갔어)
(Non wae nal ttonagasso)
(Why did you leave me?)

이런 내가 지겨워졌어
Iron naega jigyowojyosso
Did you get tired of me?

전화긴 왜 꺼져 있어
Jonhwagin wae kkojyo isso
Why is your phone off?

(나 지금 할 말이 있는데)
(Na jigum hal mari itnunde)
(I have something to say to you right now)

목소리만 듣고서 그냥 집에 돌아갈게
Moksoriman dutgoso gunyang jibe doragalke
I just want to hear your voice and then I’ll go home

기다릴게 여기서 니 집 문 앞에서
Gidarilke yogiso ni jib mun apeso
I’ll be waiting here at the door in front of your house

내가 이럴 줄 알았어-어
Naega irol jul arasso-o
I knew it

니가 그 남잘 만나러 간다고 했을 때
Niga geu namjal mannaro gandago haessul ddae
You went to go meet that guy that one time

왜 널 그때 붙잡지 못했을까
Wae nol gudae butjapji mothaessulkka
Why couldn’t I get a hold of you then?

이럴 줄 알았어-어
Irol jul arasso-o
I knew it

모르는 전화번호가 뜰 때부터
Morunun jonhwa bonhoga ddul ddae butteo
From the time that number I didn’t know showed up on your phone

그때부터 이럴 줄 알았어
Gudae butteo irol jul arasso
Since then, I knew it

내가 뭘 잘못했어?
Naega mwol jalmothaesso?
What did I do wrong?

(생각해보면 내가 잘못한 건 하나 없는 것 같은데)
(Saenggakhaebomyon naega jalmothan gon hana obnun got gattunde)
(When I think about it, there isn’t one thing I did wrong)

솔직하게 말해줘
Soljikhage malhaejwo
Tell me the truth

(솔직하게 말하지 않아도 이미 다 알고 있긴 해)
(Soljikhage malhaji anhado imi da algo itgin wae)
(Even if you don’t tell me the truth, I already know everything)

그래 이제 정말 그만할게
Gurae ije jongmal gumanhalge
So let’s really stop this now

죽어도 참기 힘들면 말해 baby please
Jugodo chamki himdulmyon malhae baby please
If you can’t bear it, if it’s so hard you want to die – tell me baby please

(정말 마지막으로 한 마디만 할게)
(Jongmal majimakuro han madiman halge)
(This is really the last thing I’ll say:)

그때 그 사람, 아니 그때 그 놈이 맞지
Gudae geu saram, ani gudae geu nomi majji
It was that person, no – it was that guy, right?

잘생기긴 했던데 그리 듬링해 보이진 않던데 말야
Jal saenggigin haetdon-ne guri dumjikhae bo-ijin andon-ne marya
He was handsome but he didn’t look very reliable you know?

네가 무슨 잘못이니
Niga musun jalmotini
What did I do wrong

너무 착한 게 죄라면 그거 하나뿐이지
Nomu chakhan ge jwiramyon gugo hanappuniji
If being too nice is a crime, that’s the only thing I did wrong

네 옆에 내가 있는걸 알았을 텐데
Ne ape naega itnungol arassun ttende
Didn’t he know I was by your side

내가 참 우스워 보였나 봐 그 자식
Naega cham u-suwo boyotna bwa geu jashik
I must have seemed like a joke to that jerk

끊지 마 자기야 물어볼게 있어서 그래
Kkunhji ma jagiya morobolge issoso gurae
Don’t hang up honey, I have a question to ask you

어… 여기 어디쯤이… 그 놈 집이 맞지?
Oh… yogi odi jjumi… geu nom jibi majji?
Uh… where is… that guy’s house?

내가 이럴 줄 알았어-어
Naega irol jul arasso-o
I knew it

니가 그 남잘 만나러 간다고 했을 때
Niga geu namjal mannaro gandago haessul ddae
You went to go meet that guy that one time

왜 널 그때 붙잡지 못했을까
Wae nol gudae butjapji mothaessulkka
Why couldn’t I get a hold of you then?

이럴 줄 알았어-어
Irol jul arasso-o
I knew it

모르는 전화번호가 뜰 때부터
Morunun jonhwa bonhoga ddul ddae butteo
From the time that number I didn’t know showed up on your phone

그때부터 이럴 줄 알았어
Gudae butteo irol jul arasso
Since then, I knew it



After 8 months,
 idol group B2ST finally released their new song and MV, " I Knew It " ! :))

On January 26th 2012,
CUBE Entertainment finally released B2ST's newest
digital song and MV, titled I KNEW IT for their upcoming world tour,

The special thing about this MV is B2ST member,
DONGWOON stars in this MV and show us a strong acting skills.
The Director of this MV, Zany Bros said that Dongwoon really has a great acting skill.

But, this Music Video is actually short in length 
(only 1 minute 50 seconds long).
But i believe B2ST fans will be glad to see
 a new music video from the group after 8 months.
It is not yet clear whether a longer version of the MV will be released, 
or if this will be the only version.

Source : allkpop.com :)

So, let's just wait and keep supporting B2ST everyone! <3

Check out B2ST's MV for I Knew It and the full audio! :))

Woahh, what do you think about this song and MV, everyone? :))
I think this song is bring a new style for B2ST.
With a medium-tempo ballad,
i think this song is quite attractive. <3
I kinda like it.

And my most favorite part of this song is definitely 

And about the MV,
i really amazed by Dongwoon's acting skill. hihi <3
 the girl who appeared in this MV is a member of upcoming girl group 'EXID'.
EXID is a girl group from Shinsadong tiger’s very own company. :))

" I knew this would happen,
When you said you were going to meet that guy
Why didn’t I stop you… "
 - B2ST - I Knew It - 

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

JYP Entertainment denies that 2AM Seulong and Wonder Girls Sohee are dating.

2AM's SEULONG and Wonder Girls' SOHEE are dating!
This is the article's title that i read this morning~ 


A few hours ago, some Korean media already 
reported that Sohee and Seulong are dating.
DISPATCH, a Korean news oulet,
revealed some photos of Seulong and Sohee together
for a dinner and date at late night.

Dispatch photographers caught Sohee and Seulong on four dates, 
which were all held late at night, between 1AM to 3AM,  and took place mostly in Seulong’s car. During their dates,  they would go to a café near their agency 
or meet at Sohee’s house and drive down to Gangnam.

But, now,
JYP Entertainment already announced an
 official statement that

JYPE explained,
“Rather than dating, Sohee and Seulong are just close friends,” 
 “All JYP artists are close friends.”
Big Hit Entertainment, 
who jointly manages the ballad group 2AM along with JYP Entertainment, 
also professed to having no knowledge of their relationship. 
“Seulong is in Japan for his 2AM schedules, and we are in the process of verifying the particulars,” they said. 
“We will get back [to the media] once everything is confirmed.”
Via Dispatch and Allkpop :)

What do tou think everyone?
I hope this news won't break their close relationship.

 { hihi. Honestly, i really like this couple! :))
But it's only my personal opinion~ }


GIF credit to daeguu on tumblr :)

♬ 생일 축하합니다 생일 축하합니다

사랑해는 우리 준호 생일 축하합니다 ♬

생일축하해요, 준호오빠~ 노무사랑해요~~ 
Wishing you all lot of lucks, happiness, and hope all your dreams will come true! :))

Today, January 25th 2012 is a special day for our Emperor, 2PM Lee JUNHO!
Because today is his 22nd (23rd in Korean age) Birthday!~ <3

HOTTESTs all around the world show some LOVE for him by 
Trending #giveittojunho on Twitter last night. 
And guess what, 
#giveittojunho became a TRENDING TOPIC WORLDWIDE
 only 9 minutes after we started to trend it! 
Hottests are really DAEBAK right? :P

He wrote in his personal twitter,
[@dlwnsghek] 생일날 눈 오니깐 기분 좋네요~^^ 새하얀 아침 맞이하고 밝은 기분으로 보내요!! 고마워요 모두~!!^^
[TRANS] Feeling great that it snows on my bday~^^ Together with white morning going to spend it in great spirits! Thank you everyone^^

TRANS credit to 2pmalways.com :)


Once again, 
wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Junho oppa~
I'm waiting for your next compose songs~ hihi.
Have a blessed year! :)

 Much Love from me! <3
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year 2012 Everyone!

恭喜发财!!~ ♥
새해복많이받으세요 여러분!! ♥
HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2012, Everyone! :)
May This year of DRAGON brings you many luck, prosperity, and happiness!
God Bless You!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

2PM Junsu revealed some thoughts about his father.

On January 21st, 
Junsu wrote some tweets in his personal twitter account
 about his father, that really breaking my heart into pieces.. T.T


[TRANS 1] 
Dad forgive me for not being there at your deathbed. 
I promised my dad something he wanted to see from me a few days ago..
and I was going to show him that this March..I'm so sorry, dad.. 

 For all those who offered their condolences for my dad..
those who came to the funeral and sent flowers.. 
and those who stayed through the cremation ceremony.
I deeply appreciate all your kindness..

 Today my father's ashes were placed at Dorim temple in Palgongsan, Daegu, 
where he used to frequent.. I pray with all my heart that he rests there peacefully..
it hurts since there are so many things I haven't done with him yet, 
that I wish I had.. I love you..and I'm sorry, dad.. 

translation credit to 2pmalways.com :))

Hmm. I don't know what to say.. T.T
I feel so sad for him but can't do anything.
I hope he will get better very soon.
 He must stay strong for his mom and brother.
I wanna see his smile again.

But one thing that i really believe,
His beloved Dad is now in a better place.
He must be really proud for raising a son like Junsu.
Now, He will always being Junsu's guardian, 
watching him and his family from heaven. :)
Rest In Peace, Mr.Kim...

Friday, January 20, 2012


It's already reported that 2PM Junsu's Dad Passed Away. 
My mood suddenly gone today T.T I feel so sad for Junsu. 

Many of his friends sent him a deep condolences for his father like,
 2PM Taecyeon and Nichkhun, MBLAQ G.O and Seungho, B2ST Doojoon and GiKwang, Park Jin Young ssi, 2AM Seulong, Kwon, and Changmin, Ian Choe, Hong Q, Namyong Park, After School Kahi, Lizzy, and Jung Ah, and others.

Today, he tweeted:
[@Jun2daKAY] TRANS:
 Last night, my beloved father passed away abruptly.
 My heart aches so much. 
Pray for my father so he can rest in peace..

 I feel so sad while reading his tweet. T.T
He must be really sad. But always believe that
Hard time always pass.

We, HOTTESTs, always supporting you, no matter what.
You must be strong for your mom and brother.
Your father is now in a better place.

And for everyone, 
Even if you're not a HOTTESTs, or your bias is not Junsu,
please kindly pray and support him.

Some people in Twitter are
expressing relief that it's "just" 2PM Junsu's dad and not JYJ Junsu.
I feel really mad about this.
It's not about 2PM JUNSU or JYJ JUNSU.
It's about somebody's LIFE.
Please RESPECT each other.

And the most important things now Hottests,
Although we want Junsu to stay strong, he’s just like any other human. 
He needs his privacy sometimes and he needs to be alone. 
Let’s not make it harder for him! Just show him our support, 
but don’t make it uncomfortable for him. 
And as for the reporters, that really is too cruel. 
Please don’t do this to our Junsu right now.
Let’s give him some privacy for now..

Souce: as tagged and tumblr :)

" Even if I‘m away, don‘t forget that I paint your shadow in strokes of dear longing
I‘m always by your side "

" Hanaretemo kimino kage wa boku ga itoshisade kaite iru to wasurenaide
Boku wa itsudemo sobani iruyo "

" 離れても 君の影はぼくが いとしさで描いていると 忘れないで
ぼくはいつでもそばにいるよ "

" Don’t be afraid of the dark anymore
Because as long as you close your eyes
There will definitely be me watching over you like a bright moon "

" Mou kurayami wo kowagaranaide
Hitomi wo tojitanara
Kagayaku tsuki no you ni kanarazu boku ga mitsumete iru kara "

 " もう暗闇を怖がらないで 
輝く月のように 必ずぼくが見つめているから  "

 * Hanarete Itemo ( 離れていても  / Even If We Are Apart ) - 2PM *
Composed by 2PM Junsu.


2PM Junsu's Dad Passed Away.

I just woke up this morning and received some messages from my friend, 
said that my lovely Junsu's Dad passed away. :(( 
My heart feels like broken into pieces. T.T

According to JYP Entertainment,
 2PM Junsu‘s father has passed away on January 19th 2011. 
Junsu’s father was 59 years old,
 and he was struck with a Myocardial Infarction (or heart attack).

Junsu had received a sudden call about his father 
going unconscious and rushed to the hospital in Daegu. 
Unfortunately, he was too late to have a final moment with his father.

Junsu is spending his day shedding tears 
at a mortuary in a hospital in Daegu. 
2PM members and JYP colleagues are by Junsu’s side, 
sharing his sadness and standing by him for support.

The funeral will take place on January 21st.
Kim Junsu's Father's funeral: 
Daegu Kyungbuk University Funeral Hall. Date: January 21st (@HONG_Q)

 This morning, January 20th,
Park Jinyoung (JYP), Taecyeon, Wooyoung, and Chansung 
are with Junsu now. 
Nichkhun and Junho are still abroad. 
(Khun in Thailand, Junho in Ethhopia)

source : allkpop and 2pmalways ~

Deep Condolences for you, Junsu.
May your dad Rest in Peace.
It must be really hard for you, but STAY STRONG.
We, HOTTESTs, will always support and pray for you.
God Bless You. 

김준수, 힘내!

And for Junsu's Dad..
Thankyou for raising such an adorable man until now.
I believe, your son, Junsu will take care of his mom and brother well.
May you Rest in Peace, Junsu appa...
We love you.. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

2PM to teach Korean Languange on Japanese TV, NHK !

2PM currently had a successful career after debuted in Japan
 about a year ago and already released 1st Japanese album, Republic of 2PMnow
2PM will be featured in a Korean lecture program on Japanese TV station NHK to teach viewers more about the Korean language.

NHK’s educational program, ‘Korean Lecture through TV‘ will begin airing in April, and 2PM will record a 5-minute corner titled ’2PM’s One Point Korean’ to teach viewers various Korean words they can use when they visit Korea.

The boys will also be releasing 2PM’s Korean ‘Best-Of’ album, 
2PM’s Best – 2008~2011 in Korea 
on March 14th.
This album consists of the songs that fans’ requested, 
as well as songs that have been carefully hand-picked.

source : allkpop.com

2PM BEST ~ 2008-2011 in Korea” CD will be released on March 14, 2012 in Japan.
 It has 3 versions: A, B, & regular :)

“2PM BEST ~ 2008-2011 in Korea” version A 
contains a DVD w/ 2PM’s performance cuts from JYP Nation Japan concert http://www.sonymusicshop.jp/m/item/itemShw.php?site=S&ima=2329&cd=BVCL000000318.
“2PM BEST ~ 2008-2011 in Korea” version B 
comes with a 2nd CD containing Junsu’s “Alive” and a special pre-release of Wooyoung x Junho’s “Move On”
“2PM BEST ~ 2008-2011 in Korea” regular edition
 is just the CD~