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Friday, December 9, 2011

2PM 1st Japanese Album “Republic of 2PM” Review!

On November 30th, 
2PM finally released their first Japanese full-album, 
Republic of 2PM! 
Wow~ I’m really excited to hear the songs from this album, especially the song that composed by our lovely member, Jun.K! 
I’m gonna make a review about this album and of course about the songs. 
This review is based on my personal opinion,
 so if you had another thought, please give me some comments.
Here we go~
I’m Your Man
The first tracklist’s song is I’m Your Man. Personally, i really love this song. It’s one of my favourite songs of 2PM. The melody and the dance of this song is so manly and give us a beastly side from 2PM. The dance is so cool! Especially the tie-dance. Hihi <3

Ultra Lover
Ultra Lover had an energetic melody and lyrics. I really love the boys’ stuff and dance in this song. They also had some cute moments like Junho and Junsu’s moment, Chan and Woo, and Khun and Taec! The MV of this song is also great. You’ll love it! 

Stay With Me
Hmm, this song is attract me at first. Because of the attractive melody and Khun’s “LOVE” at the first part of this song hehe~ But my favorite part of this song is Taec’s rap. It’s really cool. Haha :D For you guys who like a chic and attractive song, i suggest you this song!

Crazy in Love
Crazy in love is a song that had a strong melody and lyrics. I really love Junsu and Junho’s voice in this song. Hihi~

100日記念日 (100th Anniversary)
100th anniversary is a song that had a sad lyrics hehe~ I think i can feel the sadness in this song through the melody. Actually 100th anniversary is a common habit that Korean’s couple do. They celebrate their 100th days of their special day. But the lyrics of this song is a confession of a man who can’t celebrate their 100th anniversary with their special person.

Take Off
Take Off is 2PM’s first japanese single~ At first when i look at the MV, i feel a bit weird haha~ But i love the live performence of this song. This song had a uniq melody. J

運命  (Unmei/Fate)
This song ha a strong melody and lyrics. Hmm honestly this song is not give much attention to me hehe~ But it still a loveable song! :D

Hanarete Itemo (Even If We Are Apart)
Out of these 12 track songs, this song is really really my favorite!! Kyaa~ :D Basicly, i love ballad song. So when i heard this song, i really into it! J This song showing 2PM’s other charms! J They’re really improved so much in singing. It really make me proud of them and recommended this song to you guys~~

I’ll Be Back (Japanese Version)
Without You (Japanese Version)
Hands Up (Japanese Version)
Heartbeat (Japanese Version)
 Actually these song is the japanese version of 2PM’s previous Korean song. But honesly i love the korean version more, especially fore Hands Up and I’ll Be Back! :D The Japanese version is not bad too, i think it still fit the melody. But for Hands Up, i think the lyrics is a bit weird, i think the lyrics not match with the melody. Hehe~

this is my review about 2PM's 1st Japanese Album,
Once again, this review is based on my personal opinion, so if you guys do not disagree or had another though, please tell me nicely! ^^~ I will appreciate it! :)

 i really love this album and this album become one of my favorite  album of 2PM! :)
The songs in this album is really great~ 
Our boys (or should i said our men? hihi~) are really working hard and did a good job! We must proud of our boys hottest! :D
If i able to give score, i absolutely give this album 
10 points out of 10! :D
So, please continue to give your love and support to 2PM, Hottest! :)

2PM is working hard for their Arena Tour in Japan, including Osaka and Nagoya.
So Japan Hottest, have fun and don't forget to make our boys happy and enjoy!

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