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They love courageously. They try their best to tackle difficult obstacles, language and culture barrier.
KPOP FANS symbolizes PEACE. They don’t discriminate based in race.
They befriend people with the same interest from different countries.
They are more passionate and warm than anyone else."
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Saturday, November 12, 2011

111111 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour, Jakarta-Indonesia Concert!

On November 11st 2011,
2PM held a concert in Jakarta-Indonesia. The concert titled 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour in Jakarta-Indonesia was held in JITEC Mangga Dua Square, Jakarta. 
The gate was opened on 6PM but the audience had already waiting there since morning. The Concert started at 8PM. Some videos and songs about 2PM was played in the beginning. And at 8.30 PM, The concert is officially started. Wow, Hottest are screaming! 

Our awesome 6 boys come out with their opening song, ELECTRICITY! After electricity, they continued with HOT and HANDS UP! Wow~ The concert is already hot in the beginning. :)
After that, they're greeting Indonesia Hottest! They said " SELAMAT MALAM! KAMI 2PM!" (Good Evening! We're 2PM). Then they're introduced themself one by on with bahasa Indonesia. And Taecyeon warned the audience not to stand on their seat becuase the audience was so too excited. haha :) 

The concert was continued with Junho's solo performance. Wooyoung then joined Junho and they're doing a duet. :) I CAN'T was the next song. They're singing along with the audience. When Taecyeon said " It's time to sit down and sing together" , Hottests are screaming!! :) 
After i can't, they're performed GIVE IT TO ME, a song that Junho's compose himself. :) Taecyeon was sitting close to the festival class' hottest! Once again, Hottests are screaming! haha~ 

The concert is continued with DANCE 2NITE, 2PM 's dancing with the dancer.
Then the non-english speaking member, Junho, Junsu, wooyoung, and Chansung were on the stage, talking to the audience. They're showed Hottest their personal talent.  :) Junsu told Wooyoung to do a hip-hop dance and Wooyoung did a cute dance! :) Then Junsu said that he had someting to said to the audience. He said " Ayo berpacaran denganku" LOL! I can't stop smiling. he's too cute when he said it.:) It means " Let go on date with me". Then Junho was next to showed his talent. He showed a cute hip-hop dance. And Ho-Butt was real. keke~ ;)
Chansung was come next with his-super-cute-dance, a wave dance! haha! Junsu told him to do a cute dance and he was doing that wave dance! LOL chansung! <3 When one of them was dancing, the other 3 member were beat-boxing. They're so adorable.

Taecyeon and Khunnie were not with them, because next they're performed MY VALENTINE, a duet song of them for the soundtrack of Dream High. :) Taecyeon was really handsome and Khun was so cute in their tuxedo. :) And! Taec then kissed on a hottest's hand! OMG, how lucky she was! :) 
After their sweet duet, Chansung was come out doing soma action scene. And Taec was join him. :)

Then, a video by Jeonggami ( Chansung's cat) was played! In the video, there was Junsu who like all-free-stuff. keke~ And Taecyeon who is so proud of OkCat and replace a picture of Pororo into a OkCat picture! hahaha these boys~ And there's Khun who was doing hard for his abs. ;) Then Junho who had some inspiration after a vulgar(?) dream. haha :)
The video than continued when 2PM's video practice. Our boys was really working hard! :)
I'LL BE BACK, I HATE YOU, and BACK 2 YOU were the next song. When performed Back 2 You, 2PM was dancing with the female dancers. And the dance is so hot! (huh, i always hate this part) kekeke :) then in the end of the song they're take off their shirt. haha~

Now, It's time to JUN.K's WORLD!<3 A video of JUN.K's world was played. Junsu was working so hard and he really did a good job! :) Then Jun.K was performing ALIVE, his first solo single.

After Alive, the member was on the stage. They're scream to the audience:
Taecyeon: " We say 2 you say? "
Hottest: "PM"
Taecyeon: " We say 2 you say? "
Hottest: "PM"
2PM+Hottest : "2PM! 2PM! 2PM!" <3

The audience were so excited. But then Wooyoung said " You are so HOT! PANAS" LOL. Cute Woo. :)
WITHOUT YOU and ONLY YOU were next. When Only You, Taecyeon and Khunnie were brought a bouquet full of roses and throw the roses to the audience. Woo only brought 2 roses which he gave to the audience randomly. :)
Next song was 10 POINTS OUT OF 10! You boys are really 10 out of 10! :)
The concert was continued with AGAIN AND AGAIN.

cr : nophy1200956110

Junho then said "Terima Kasih untuk Kedatangannya" (Thank you for coming) , Wooyoung said " Saya Bahagia" (I'm Happy), and Chansung said "I Love You, Guys". :)
DON'T STOP CAN'T STOP, I'M YOUR MAN, AND HEARTBEAT were next. There was only one more song before the concert come to an end. :(
Taecyeon said "Indonesia Panas" (Indonesia Hot). haha~

cr : nophy1200956110

And the last song was THANK YOU. Thank you 2PM for giving Indonesia such a great concert! :) But the audience seem don't wanna let 2PM go and they're sout " We want more". Then 2PM and all the staff and dancers were come out and performed an Encore Performence of Hands Up Remix and 10 Points Out Of 10 Remix. :)
The encore was the last part of the concert. For the closing talk, Khun said " Terima Kasih (Thank you)!and Taecyeon said " We'll be back next year! " YES! We're waiting for you guys next year! :):)

2PM said " Thank you so much for all the support. We will always love the Hottests! Terima kasih atas kedatangannya. :) We will be back next year with a bigger concert! Jakarta, you guys so HOT! And This is 2PM! " 

And they did their last bow to the audience. :)
The concert was officially ended. Hottest had a super awesome concert with 2PM last night. :')

2PM Hands Up Asia Tour in Jakarta-Indonesia was officially over. :') Thank you 2PM for giving Indonesia such a super-awesome-concert-ever.! <3 We will always wait for your next concert here. 

p.s : actually, i'm not attend the concert :(
but i doing my best to give you all i know about the concert. :) 
i hope i won't miss their next concert in Indonesia. I wanna see the awesome 6 boys and fell the euphoria of this great concert :)

cr : news by HottestID and SundayMandarin. photo by It's 2PM Hottest. Video by the uploader and as tagged. :) For the complete video, visit channel nophy1200956110 on youtube. :)

written by ivonnavivienne.

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