"Don’t underestimate KPOP fans, their hearts are purer than anyone else.
They love courageously. They try their best to tackle difficult obstacles, language and culture barrier.
KPOP FANS symbolizes PEACE. They don’t discriminate based in race.
They befriend people with the same interest from different countries.
They are more passionate and warm than anyone else."
A Psychologist, 2012.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

(news) Rain's (Bi) enlistment to army.

 On October 11th, International star Rain (Bi) bid farewell to his fans before leaving to begin his military life. He greeted :

" Hello everyone. I feel like I’m causing a commotion again because of my enlistment. I’m sorry. I’ll do my best to come back in one piece.

Rain then took off his hat and revealed his new short-cut hair. He says goodbye to his fans cheerfully. Over 1200 fans say goodbye to him. Rain will be undergoing an intensive 5-week training program before carrying out his official duties as a soldier. 
Please comeback safely and stay healthy! :) 

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