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They love courageously. They try their best to tackle difficult obstacles, language and culture barrier.
KPOP FANS symbolizes PEACE. They don’t discriminate based in race.
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They are more passionate and warm than anyone else."
A Psychologist, 2012.

Friday, September 2, 2011

[drama] You've Fallen For Me [Heartstrings] OST - Because I Miss You.

I love this drama's soundtracks! <3
but i really love this one most! keke~ i think i can hear this song about ten times a day haha~
Oo, Yong Hwa composed this song himself btw! ♥

Here is the preview and lyrics
 ( romanized + hangul + english translation ) and download link :

Preview :

Download link :


Romanized Lyrics: 

neul ttoggat-eun haneul-e neul gat-eun haru
geudaega-eobneun geo malgoneun dallajin ge eobneunde
nan bonaen jul al-assjyo da namgim-eobs-i
anijyo , anijyo , nan ajig geudaeleul mosbonaejyo 

geuriwo geuriwoseo geudaega geuriwoseo 
maeil nan honjaseoman geudaereul buleugo bulleo bwayo 
bogopabogo paseo geudaegabogo paseo 
ije nan seubgwancheoleom geudae ileumman buleu neyo , oneuldo 

haruharuga jug-eul geosman gat-eunde eotteohgehaeya haeyo ?
salanghae sarang haeyo 
geudaereul sarang haeyo 
maljocha mosha goseo geudaereul geuleohge bonaess neyo 

mianhae mian haeyo 
nae mal-i deullinayo ? 
dwineuj-eun nae gobaeg-eul geudaendeul-eul su iss-eulkkayo ?
sarang haeyo

Hangul Lyrics:

늘 똑같은 하늘에 늘 같은 하루
그대가 없는 것 말고는 달라진 게 없는데
난 보낸 줄 알았죠 다 남김 없이
아니죠, 아니죠, 난 아직 그대를 못보냈죠

그리워 그리워서 그대가 그리워서 
매일 난 혼자서만 그대를 부르고 불러봐요 
보고파 보고파서 그대가 보고파서 
이제 난 습관처럼 그대 이름만 부르네요, 오늘도

하루하루가 죽을 것만 같은데 어떻게 해야 해요?
사랑해 사랑해요
그대를 사랑해요
말조차 못하고서 그대를 그렇게 보냈네요

미안해 미안해요
내 말이 들리나요?
뒤늦은 내 고백을 그댄 들을 수 있을까요?

English Translation:

Alway the exactly same sky and always the same day
Only thing that is different is that you are not here
I thought I've let you go. Without anything left
No, no. I still haven't been able to let you go

Longing for you, I am longing for you. 
Because I am longing for you, I call you and call you by myself everyday
Missing you, I am missing you. 
Because I am missing you, now I just call out your name like a habit. Even today

Day by day, I feel like I am dying, so what could I do?
Love you, Love you I love you
Without even being able to tell you these, I've had to let you go like that

Sorry, I am sorry. 
Can you hear me? 
Could you be able to hear my late confession?
I love you.

ENJOY! :))

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